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Exploring Wonders: The Journey of Imagination and Learning

Welcome to a place where curiosity leads and joy abounds—the heart of our Grand Forks Children's Museum, a haven dedicated to the spark of exploration in every child. At the helm of this extraordinary adventure is our visionary leader, Katie Mayer, who, as of July 2024, guides our ship through the wondrous seas of discovery and education.

Katie Mayer - Executive Director

Katie Mayer

Executive Director

With a compass set on innovation and a map filled with dreams, Katie steps into her role as the Executive Director, succeeding the dedicated Karna Loyland. Katie's journey began in the halls of education as the principal of Holy Family – St. Mary’s School, where she cultivated young minds. Now, she brings her passion for learning, her knack for leadership, and her boundless enthusiasm to our museum.

Building a Brighter Future
As we gear up for groundbreaking adventures in 2025, our museum's landscape is buzzing with anticipation. Katie is at the forefront, weaving together plans for construction, exhibit curation, and community engagement, ensuring that every step we take is a leap towards enriching young lives and connecting community. Our mission is simple yet profound: to create a space where S.T.E.A.M. activities aren't just learned but lived, where every exhibit is a doorway to new worlds, and where community outreach programs aren't just attended but experienced.

A Treasure Chest of Skills for a Voyage of Discovery
Katie embodies the spirit of our museum, with a treasure chest brimming with the jewels of educational programming, operational mastery, strategic foresight, fundraising expertise, and leadership prowess. She sees our museum as a ship setting sail into uncharted waters, promising adventure, and knowledge at
every turn. In her own words, "The magic of building something that will stand
as a beacon of learning and joy for our community is a journey I am thrilled to embark on."

The Crew and the Community: Heartbeats of Our Voyage
As we chart this course together, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Karna Loyland for her steadfast leadership and we welcome Katie Mayer with open arms and endless imagination. Our Vice President, Sally Miskavige, captures the essence of this transition, "We are stepping into a realm of endless possibilities with Katie. Her innovative leadership and vibrant spirit are the guiding stars that will illuminate our path forward."

Embark on the Journey with Us
Join us, alongside Katie Mayer and our dedicated board of directors, as we navigate the future of the Grand Forks Children's Museum. Together, we will transform it into a lighthouse of education, creativity, and fun—a place where every child is invited to dream, explore, and discover. Welcome aboard the journey of imagination and learning, where the wonders of childhood are poised to build a brighter future for generations to come.

Sheila Dalgliesh

Director of Operations

In a delightful twist of fate, the Grand Forks Children's Museum has welcomed its very first employee, Sheila Renae Dalgliesh. Sheila is a name many in our community hold dear, not just for her artistic prowess but for her profound impact on the youth of Grand Forks. Her career is a vibrant palette of dedication, education, and innovation.

Educator, Artist, Visionary
For the past 16 years, Sheila has been a pillar of the Grand Forks Public Schools, bringing art to life for thousands of elementary students through the Artwise- Artist in the Classroom program. Beyond the classroom, Sheila has painted the town with the colors of creativity through art camps and workshops, spanning over two decades. Sheila's art is deeply influenced by the sprawling landscapes of North Dakota, a passion that she seamlessly weaves into her curriculum. Her leadership as President of Artwise, a nonprofit dedicated to visual art education, has been nothing short of transformative. Sheila's innovative spirit gave birth to the Take N Make Project, an initiative that has ignited the imaginations of over 700 families each month by providing art supplies and experiences for children to enjoy at home. Whether she's in her studio or capturing the serene beauty of a winter landscape outdoors, Sheila's dedication to her craft and her students is palpable.

A Heart Devoted to Children's Growth
Sheila's journey is marked by an unwavering commitment to nurturing the creative spirits of Grand Forks' children. "I love fostering a love of learning, problem solving, and exploration through art in the area's kiddos," she reflects. This statement encapsulates the essence of her mission: to enrich the lives of children through the transformative power of art. Her approachability, coupled with an infectious positive attitude, makes Sheila a vibrant palette of inspiration not only for her students but also for her colleagues. She embodies the spirit of inclusivity and teamwork, making every effort to uplift those around her.

Setting the Bar High
As the museum's inaugural employee, Sheila has already set an extraordinary precedent. Her dedication was evident when she jumped straight into action, representing the museum at a volunteer expo at UND and immediately following it up with participation in a golf outing benefiting the museum. Described by many as a 'force of nature,' Sheila's impact is profound and far-reaching. We are incredibly fortunate to have her expertise, her energy, and her heart at the Grand Forks Children's Museum.

A Warm Welcome to a Bright Future
On behalf of the board and the entire community, we extend our warmest congratulations and heartfelt welcome to Sheila. Her journey with us is just beginning, but the echoes of her influence will undoubtedly resonate for generations to come. Welcome aboard, Sheila, and here's to painting a future where every child can discover the joy of creativity.

Sheila Dalgliesh - Director of Operations

Board of Directors

At the Grand Forks Children's Museum, our dedicated team of Dreamers and Doers is passionate about creating an environment of exploration, education, and excitement. With diverse expertise, we are united in our commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences that inspire children to explore and connect with the wonders around them. Our mission extends beyond the museum's walls, aiming to weave a strong fabric of community and kindle a lasting flame of curiosity for future generations. Together, we endeavor to build brighter futures, making each visit a pathway for lifelong learning and a bridge that connects our community with the endless possibilities that await the dreamers and innovators of tomorrow.

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