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Grand Forks Children's Museum

Future Home of Grand Forks Children's Museum

Land Graciously Donated By:

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Destination Park

Grand Forks Children's Museum

Building Design

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Construction Timeline


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30,000 Sq. Ft.
Building Concept

Permanent, Rotating,
& Mobile Exhibits

Multilevel Play Structure

Family Programming & Events

Regional Artwork & Showcase Sculpture

Outdoor Exhibits

Meeting / Teaching Rooms

Event Space

Casual Eating Space


Exploring Land & Sky

The Grand Forks Children's Museum draws inspiration from the region's abundant lands and dynamic skies, reflected in both the architecture and exhibits. The building is a distinctive two-story structure, with the first floor named LAND fueling visitors' curiosity and ingenuity, and the second floor called SKY propelling their imagination and inspiration to new heights.

Connecting these levels both thematically and physically is GROW, a vertical climbing maze that adds an exhilarating element to the overall experience.

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