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What started as a dream… and with the support of this community…is becoming reality…the Grand Forks Children’s Museum and Destination Park continues to progress forward. The project requires a lot of expertise, as you can well imagine. The team makes a concerted effort to ensure that our plans, designs, and fundraising efforts are progressive, forward thinking, and innovative. When completed, we envision that the Grand Forks Children’s Museum will be a tourist destination for many families throughout North Dakota, and the surrounding states. This additional tourism will have a positive economic impact on our city and help improve our overall economy.

Karna Loyland, the Executive Director for the project, is headed to Bismarck this week, for the North Dakota Travel Industry Conference. This conference will advance our plans as we develop our tourism infrastructure. The conference provides continuing education, best practices, networking opportunities and will feature industry-expert speakers. When you consider making the Grand Forks Children’s Museum a tourist destination, you must consider the 3A’s… attraction, accessibility, and amenities. We want our visitors to not just come once, but return many, many times – and tell their friends!

Destination marketing will be a key and integral part of our planning. We are excited about the new ideas that this conference will bring. On behalf of the entire team, we are grateful for the leadership and expertise that Karna Loyland brings to this project and her vision for its success.


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