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Oh, to be a Kid Again

Adults acting like children…not acceptable in most situations. However, when given the opportunity to embrace the various children’s exhibits at the conference, it was ok to once again ‘be a kid.’ As I walked around the various displays and exhibits, I experienced a child-like wonder, felt my imagination soar, and wanted to be hands-on with all the exhibits.

The Association of Children’s Museums’ (ACM) annual InterActivity conference is the ‘best of the best’ for children’s museums. There were so many creative ideas, outstanding interactive exhibits, and opportunities for both physical challenges and mental stimulation. For a while it was great to not think about the adult issues that seem to imprison our minds: finances, the stock market, recession, even as mundane as what to plan for dinner.

Children are free from these worries. Their minds are open to adventure, exploration and using their imagination. As the team tours the conference and the local children’s museums, we pledge to bring this sense of wonder and excitement to the Grand Forks Children’s Museum.

Here was the team’s opportunity to let our minds wander…

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