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Unbridled Energy

The official launch of spring was over a month ago… yet it still doesn’t feel like spring. The temperatures slowly climb above freezing during the day, nights with temperatures well below freezing and we are still wearing our winter jackets, hats, and gloves. The official spring may have ‘sprung’ but the weather still isn’t conducive to outdoor play. This weekend we saw the results of the long winter and cool spring, as about three hundred children unleashed their pent-up energies at the Hands-On Learning Fair at the Purper arena. The Grand Forks Children’s Museum loaned its Imagination Blocks to this event. Running, jumping, building, swinging, creating towers…just what you would expect from kids who have spent many, many months indoors.

The plans for the Grand Forks Children’s Museum are to provide indoor and outdoor areas for free play and recreation. Yes…even in Grand Forks where winter seems to last well beyond its official date…a place for children to play both indoors and outdoors during our long

winter/spring season!

The planned Destination Park, which will be built in conjunction with the Grand Forks Children’s Museum, will be a fun, free attraction for our area’s residents and an amenity for tourism in Grand Forks. Plans for the Destination Playground include these signature amenities:

Plans for the Destination Playground include these signature amenities:

• a year-round community pavilion,

• outdoor fitness court,

• sculpture walking trail,

• and fun winter features.

Our vision with the Grand Forks Children’s Museum and Destination Park is to provide an interactive, hands-on, and creative learning environment that enriches both children’s and their family’s lives through interactive play and engagement.

Imagine your child running, building, climbing, and burning off that unbridled energy in the winter as well as through all four seasons. This project is a community endeavor for Grand Forks. If this weekend is any indication, this is a much-needed enhancement for our community. I hope you will join us.

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