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“Building A Better World for Children”

Several members of the Grand Forks Children’s Museum board are traveling to New Orleans to attend the Association of Children’s Museums’ (ACM) annual InterActivity conference, which is described as “the largest gathering of children’s museum professionals in the world.” This year’s Conference’s theme is ‘Leveraging our Voice’

From the conference website “As a global leader, advocate for children, and resource for the children’s museum field, ACM and our member organizations strive to build a better world for children.”

Building a better world for our children…isn’t that what being a parent is all about?

Actually, it’s why so many of the board members and local volunteers have taken on the huge undertaking of building the Grand Forks Children’s Museum and Destination Park.

Let's give our children the opportunity to explore new ideas, learn about different cultures, understand the rich resources that make North Dakota unique, learn how the science plays an integral role in our lives, appreciate the nuances of art, and discover the rich world around them...all through interactive hands-on play. We want to provide the children of Grand Forks a learning environment that enriches both their and their family’s lives through exploration, stimulates curiosity, motivates higher level thinking and questioning, encourages socialization, and bolsters cognitive development. Our children deserve this and much more.

Together we can cultivate a new generation of thinkers and prepare for the world around them. This is what motivates us!

As with many conferences, there are multitudes of exhibits, plenary sessions, development sessions, exhibit design and museum planning sessions. There are also tours of the local children’s museum in New Orleans. Our team plans to divide and conquer, so that we can make the most of our time at this jam-packed conference.

More to come as we explore the world of Children’s Museums…

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