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Community Spirit is Alive and Well…Thank You, Greenberg Realty

Many thanks to Skip Greenberg and his entire staff of realtors at Greenberg Realty. Each year, Greenberg Realty hosts their annual Charity Chow event. They kindly designate a charity for the event’s free-will donations. We were grateful to have

the Grand Forks Children’s Museum chosen as the charity this year. As always, this event offered an abundance of food and lots of fun activities. This year there was a charity dunk tank -where you could attempt to dunk your favorite realtor, a bounce house and the museum brought along its popular Big Blue Blocks. It was a beautiful night, and everyone had fun.


Community spirit plays a vital role in supporting non-profits and charities. When people come together to help, they cultivate empathy, compassion, and a sense of unity. This collective effort fosters a spirit of generosity and goodwill, strengthens our bonds as friends and neighbors and inspires people to get others involved. Greenberg Realty chose the Grand Forks Children’s Museum because they believe that this venture will provide a unifying and educational experience for Grand Forks and the surrounding area. We are grateful to Greenberg Realty and everyone who participated.


Remember, community spirit isn't just about giving—it is also about receiving support, making a difference, and creating valuable connections. When people come together for a worthy cause, they cultivate empathy, compassion, and a sense of belonging. This collective effort strengthens bonds, fosters goodwill, and creates a positive environment for everyone involved. Whether through volunteering, supporting local causes, or simply being neighborly, community spirit enriches our lives and helps our communities thrive!

Thank you, Skip Greenberg, and your entire staff of realtors at Greenberg Realty. Your support and generosity impact the success of the Grand Forks Children’s Museum!

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