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Embracing our Natural Resources

Updated: Apr 29

Board members from the Grand Forks Children’s Museum are attending the final day of the Association of Children’s Museums’ (ACM) annual InterActivity conference in New Orleans. It’s truly been both educational and fun. We’ve seen wonderful exhibits, learned more about best practices for children’s museums and enjoyed how the local children’s museum has woven the rich culture of both New Orleans and Louisiana.

Think for a moment about the rich culture of North Dakota.

We are a unique blend of multiple heritages: German, Scandinavian, and Indigenous peoples of North America and so many more. Our landscape includes majestic natural beauty: prairies, savannahs, grasslands, great plains, and badlands. Inherent in our culture is our fertile agricultural farmland and natural mineral resources.

There is richness in our people and in our land. As we move forward with the Grand Forks Children’s Museum and Destination Park, one of the challenges is to embrace our heritage and culture and properly incorporate it into the Grand Forks Children’s Museum.

The team has encountered and embraced many promising ideas from this conference. The board continues to strive to ensure that the Grand Forks Children’s Museum is educational, interactive, hands-on and FUN and reflective of our rich culture.

Below are a few pictures from the conference and the local New Orleans children’s museum.

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