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Heroes Among Us

What started as a brief conversation in October 2022, at the Grand Forks Children’s Museum’s Full STEAM Ahead event, with Tom Brosseau ‘offering to help,’ quickly became the reality called the Tom Brosseau & Friends Benefit Concert for the Grand Forks Children’s Museum on March 26, 2023. Tom not only offered his talents but also served as the primary organizer to make this concert a reality. He rented the Empire Arts Center and invited other artistic talents to join the concert including John C. Reilly (famous actor, singer, and producer), The Waddington Brother, John Lardinois, Bob Cary, Heidi Gluck, and Tamara Bertram. The event was hosted by local news star and comedian, Terry Dullum.

The evening was truly magical. Music, entertainment, comedy – all for a worthy cause. The event sold out and everyone who attended had a wonderful time. As a special treat, the finale of the concert was John C. Reilly playing the spoons!

In addition to being musically enchanting, this concert brought attention to this worthy project and united our community spirit. Thanks to Tom and his friends, who collectively paid for all the costs associated with the event, 100% of ticket sales and donations went to the Grand Forks Children’s Museum fundraising…over $30,000 for the project.

On behalf of the board, the community and the Grand Forks area families and children who will benefit from this project, thank you Tom, John, Terry, and all of Tom’s ‘friends’ for your talent, your generosity, and your selfless spirit of community. You are an inspiration to all of us.

John C. Reilly stated, ‘why would I come 1872 miles to Grand Forks’ – ‘well the Children’s Museum is a cause for celebration’. So true…a cause for celebration.

What’s that old saying? ‘Not all heroes wear capes’… some play guitar, sing, act, tell jokes and simply bring joy to others – all for a good cause.

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