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Introducing, Executive Director Mayer!

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Katie Mayer as the new Grand Forks Children's Museum Executive Director, set to commence her role in July 2024. Katie, currently serving as the principal of Holy Family – St. Mary’s School, will be succeeding the interim Executive Director, Karna Loyland, who will continue to contribute to the museum's growth through the building committee.

Construction and exhibit planning is underway with the planned date to break ground beginning in 2025. Fundraising will continue to be a major emphasis for the near future. In this pivotal transition year for the museum, Katie Mayer will assume a central role in steering these efforts to successful completion. She will oversee the daily operations of the GFCM Headquarters office, along with the development of community outreach programs emphasizing the museum’s core education-related STEAM activities and exhibits.

The role demands a unique skill set, blending educational programming, operational expertise, strategic planning, fundraising acumen, and leadership skills. Katie's wealth of experience positions her as the ideal candidate to lead the museum from groundbreaking through its ongoing development. Katie passionately recounts, "[w]hile Sally was describing this dream for our community, I found myself lost in thought about a children’s museum right here in Grand Forks and the opportunities it would bring to so many in our community. The idea of being part of something as it unfolds and comes together was extremely enticing [...] I felt this would be a position to use my educational and leadership backgrounds in a whole new perspective."

Grand Forks Children’s Museum Vice President Sally Miskavige reflects, “We express our gratitude to Karna for her exceptional leadership. As we welcome Katie, we anticipate the next phase of progress with confidence and joy. Katie's outstanding leadership and entrepreneurial spirit make her exceptionally qualified to drive positive change for both the museum and the community from an educational standpoint.”

On behalf of the entire board of directors, we are enthusiastic about Katie Mayer leading us through the upcoming phases of development, shaping the Grand Forks Children’s Museum into a beacon of education and enrichment for our community.

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