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Medora…history, preservation, and lots of fun

As our Grand Forks Children’s Museum becomes reality, we continue to explore children’s museums and parks around the country. We get to see ‘what works’ and allows us to consider new ideas, brings new vision and helps us to refine our ideas for the Grand Forks

Children’s Museum project. This past weekend, my family and I visited the Medora Children’s Park in Medora, North Dakota. Medora is the ultimate combination of history, entertainment, physical activities (try walking the trails), food and fun. Located in the heart of the badlands, the views are breathtaking. We enjoyed our time touring Medora, which recently went under its own updates while keeping with the ‘Old West’ theme. We gained valuable information and will integrate what we learned into creating a thriving educational interactive space.

I have to admit that as I visited Medora, I felt a renewed sense of pride. I am a native of North Dakota, having been born and raised here. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of work/children/life, I forget about the intrinsic beauty of our state. This trip was a renewal of spirit for me. I am proud to be from North Dakota. The people of this state represent the best in the world with solid values and work ethics, a deep appreciation for the land, a sense of pride in our traditions and heritage, and respect and acceptance of one another. If you ever feel the need to revitalize your soul, take a trip through our wondrous state and breathe in the beauty.

Medora is a great idea, brought to life by a visionary and sustained by a group of local volunteers (eerily similar to the Grand Forks Children’s Museum). Preserving the past helps create a new understanding for the next generation. We see how others coped, survived hard times, and creates a living memory for the present generation. The past inspires the future. President Roosevelt would be proud to see Medora today.

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