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So Much Fun!

Hope you had a chance to attend the ArtWise festival this past weekend. It was so

much fun! From glass blowing to pottery making to painting to arts and crafts, and of course the music. There was so much to see and do. It was fun to see how quickly the children who attended ArtWise became involved with their projects and expressed their inner creativity.

Art in all its configurations is a wonderful opportunity for personal expression. Art is all around us… from the music we listen to, to the murals we see, to the theater performances we attend and the books we read, to the pictures we hang on our walls. It was fun to see the pride on the children’s faces when they were working on their projects and the obvious joy with their results. Art (in all its forms) helps us shape our softer, inner skills like teamwork and collaboration, creativity, vision, and our ability to adapt. These are life skills, all a result of the simple joy from the art we create.

The Grand Forks Children’s Museum was happy to participate in the ArtWise festival by contributing our Imagination Playground blocks to the fun. We were also fortunate to use this event as another opportunity to gather feedback for the Children’s Museum from our amazing Grand Forks community. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful and sharing community and so many curious and creative children enjoying open-ended play!

The children (and adults) who attended ArtWise had fun. The art projects, glass works and crafts were very, very creative. As always, the Grand Forks Children’s Museum Imagination Playground blocks were an extremely popular addition. A good day and a fun day for all who attended.


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