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So Talented and So Very Generous

By Sally Miskavige, Grand Forks Children’s Museum Board Member

When the word got out that Full STEAM Ahead needed a new and expansive Duplo table for one of the exhibits…Mike Mulligan and Tony Taylor owners of CoPilot Designs stepped forward and offered to build and donate a suitable table. On behalf of the entire Grand Forks Children’s Museum and Full STEAM Ahead, we couldn’t be more thrilled! Tony and Mike are locally based artisans, who use their design talents and craftsmanship in virtually all natural materials, to build furniture, artwork, and small home goods. Full STEAM Ahead is fortunate to have their support.

The artistry on this Duplo table is obvious. It is carefully crafted, well-conceived, and clearly, this table will last a lifetime. It’s the perfect design for the young hands that will be creating new Duplo adventures. On the sides of the table are words that reflect its purposes, including: ‘designer’, ‘builder’, ‘artist’, and ‘creator’. Every child who works at this table will be inspired. Mike and Tony describe themselves as being in the memory-making business. So true. The Duplo table will make positive memories for the children who play on it, and for the adults who savor these special moments. Thank you for making positive memories.

There is a small village about thirty miles west of Amsterdam, Holland called Madurodam. Madurodam features a tiny replica of the entire city of Amsterdam – every castle, building, canal, fountain, bridge, and street, all laid out in a miniature replicative village. Perhaps one of the creative attendees at Full STEAM Ahead will create a tiny replica of Grand Forks on this new table…you never know.

Generosity must be in their blood…CoPilot Designs was also a sponsor and featured artist at the recent The Art of Giving (TAG) event. The Grand Forks Children’s Museum was the benefactor of this year’s TAG event. One of CoPilot’s designs for this year’s TAG event listed all the participating artists. CoPilot Designs brings a new, elevated level of artistic talent to this event.

Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind. Our hearts are full. Thank you, Mike and Tony, for your talents, generosity, creative genius, and your commitment to the people of Grand Forks.

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