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Welcome Aboard!

By Sally Miskavige, Grand Forks Children’s Museum Board Member

After multiple presentations and extensive interviews with several construction contractors, the Grand Forks Children's Museum board has selected PCL Construction and Community Contractors to build the museum. We are excited to begin the actual process of building this museum.

The PCL North Dakota office and Community Contractors are local construction firms.W e are delighted to keep this project in Grand Forks to help support the local economy.

From the PCL website:

We are your local North Dakota contractor. PCL’s Grand Forks office brings technology, sustainability, and international expertise to a wide range of project types.”

From Community Contractors:

“We strive to exceed client expectations, foster long-term partnerships and contribute to the sustainable development of our community.”

PCL and Community Contractors are currently vetting the architect’s designs and determining estimated construction costs. On December 1, the board will have the first set of ‘construction’ numbers. Construction costs have been volatile over the last few years, with supply chain issues caused largely by the Covid pandemic.

Directing the construction efforts will be Meredith Quinn. Meredith recently joined the board of the Grand Forks Children’s Museum. Meredith will head the construction committee, which includes Karna Loyland, Kim Wood and Jaime Trueblood. Meredith brings a wealth of experience. Her drive and passion for this project comes from her family which includes three children. The board is delighted to have Meredith leading this project.

Obviously, there is still a lot of work to be done, and our fundraising efforts will continue. Currently our fundraising efforts are approximately one half of the total estimated project. There is still a long way to go to fully fund this project, so the work continues undaunted.

Welcome to the project, PCL and Community Contractors. We are honored to have you on board and look forward to building this community project together.

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